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January New Release From Flyhawk Model
« en: 08 de Enero del 2011, 08:53:55 »
Happy New Year Everyone!!
It's a good beginning of new year! we have finished some great projects and I can't wait to tell you guys the exciting news.
it take us much of energy to do it and i think it is a big progress this time.because it is the first time for us to produce
resin can see them from the new items of FH350076 and FH350075(MISSOURI) .I think you guys will like them .

I should have post the new poster for you,but some problems happened I cannot upload them,so I send the completed ship here ,please enjoy! :biggrin:
The new products have been released as follows.
FH350023 WW II HMS Battlecruiser Repulse 1941(For Trumpeter)  (17pcs)
         (Searchlights,Binoculars,Paravance,16''Metall Barrel,120Metal Barrel)
FH350036 UN 16''Metal Barrel    (9pcs)
FH350037 UN 127mm Metal Barrel  (10pcs)
FH350040 WW II IJN TYPE96 SINGLE 25mmMG (1piece)
FH350041 WW II IJN TYPE96 TWIN 25mm MG  (1piece)
FH350042 WW II IJN TRIPLE 25mm MG        (12pcs)

FH350076 WW II USN Battlecruiser Missouri(19pcs)
         (16''Metal Barrel,crane base,crane controller,radar base,catapult,MK51director,MK57gun director,127mm        metalbarrel,practice gun)

FH350075 WW II USN Battlecruiser Missouri(super deluxe edition)  (30pcs)
16''Metal Barrel(9),127mm Metal Barrel(20),BOAT CONTROLLER,VENT,127TURRET)


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Re: January New Release From Flyhawk Model
« Respuesta #1 en: 09 de Enero del 2011, 01:53:46 »
La pinta desde luego es impresionante. Espero que el precio no sea tan impresionante, de lo contrario tendré que esperar una buena temporada.